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23rd January 2017
Apologies to those who were having problems with the 'Upload File(s)' button over the weekend. It's working now :)
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1st February 2016
Our retail shop is now open - visit for all your professional camera system needs.

We offer a range of products, from covert equipment to helmet/car cameras and counter surveillance equipment.
The covert cameras on sale are the best on the market, and the only models we recommend our video shoppers use - so we are very pleased to be able to offer this equipment at the best retail price available! Using these cameras will ensure you achieve top quality footage that will be accepted by all major video mystery shopping companies. All products are new and under warranty, we also provide a range of accessories including the recommended grade SD cards to ensure you get the best possible quality of footage.

If you are looking for an affordable entry into the world of video mystery shopping then look no further than MSL Retail - and if you have any queries about the best equipment for your needs, contact us via the MSL Retail website and we'll be happy to advise.

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As video mystery shopping is rapidly increasing in popularity, we're looking for more video mystery shoppers in specific locations. If you are based in Northern Ireland or Wales and own professional covert video equipment (e.g. button-hole or tie-pin camera) then contact us now for more information on becoming a video mystery shopper.
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