Report Examples

Assessment Forms

For each assessment (visit, call, email, letter, website etc) we provide an Assessment Form designed to meet your specific requirements. It contains a space for the mystery shopper to comment on every question so we can easily summarise comments on questions which appear to need further investigation.

For calls, if the Client would like to receive the call recording this can be embedded in the Call Report so when read on a PC screen it can be heard at the same time.

Assessment Form example (pdf)

Web-based Reporting

A secure website can be created to give access to all individual assessments via a table showing which assessments are complete. Some Clients require this be made available only at the end of each Wave in order to avoid alerting managers as to when an assessment is due/complete, so they can never be confident that no assessment will take place that week.

A secure online data summary can be made available which enables authorised users to drill down from corporate results to department results to individual assessments, and to select data by Wave, time period and sub-unit group (such as Branch, Region, Area, Department, Directorate, Business Manager, Retail Manager and Business Unit).

Online data summaries are specifically designed to meet the needs of each Client in terms of charts, graphs and other forms of summary.

Summary Reports

We can provide a summary report tailored to you with as much or as little detail as you need. We offer a range of options from simple data tables right through to full written reports with tables, graphs, quotations, management summary and recommendations.

Summary Reports can also be supplied as PowerPoint presentations suitable for senior management, or as self-run presentations with audio designed to be made available on the company Intranet.

Take a look at the brochure below for more details:

Summary Report Brochure (pdf)

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