Case Studies

We have two Case Studies which illustrate excellent use of mystery shopping to drive service improvement.



British Waterways is the public corporation that cares for the 2,200-mile network of canals and rivers in England, Scotland and Wales. There are around 250 to 300 million visits to BW canals and rivers each year. Mystery Shoppers Ltd has carried out mystery shopping surveys for British Waterways since April 2008

The programme runs on a monthly basis and measures customer service standards by visits to specific locations such as visitor attractions, waterside facilities and towpaths to monitor upkeep, maintenance and safety features, and enquiries by telephone, email and letter.

Download British Waterways case study (pdf)



Traveline is a national public transport information system resulting from a government initiative to provide integrated public transport information. MSL was commissioned by the then DETR to devise a programme which would measure the extent to which the service was fit for purpose, prior to a national launch, and subsequently to act as the driver for continuous improvement.

A programme of two Waves of calls per annum (now for the Confederation of Passenger Transport) has succeeded in driving the accuracy of the information provided to over 99% and has achieved continuous improvements in other measures.

Download Traveline case study (pdf)

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