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We are Customer Experience Specialists based in Gaborone Botswana. Our office is situated at Plot 5681, Unit 16, Broadhurst (above FNB Broadhurst). This office (or the Botswana office) has been in business since June 2010.

We specialise in improving service quality in Botswana. Our improvement strategies include bringing together some customer service improvement initiatives in an effort to bring the desired excellent customer service mindset and behavioural change. Some of these packages include training/mystery shopping packages through one of our training partners, Customer Service Clinic.



Customer service quality in Botswana is a topical issue and therefore needs attention by both service providers and customer service specialists, hence Mystery Shoppers Botswana. It is also a fact that customer service is a key driver of bottom line performance in every organisation. Therefore, companies that differentiate on the quality of their customer experience will be best placed to achieve their growth ambitions.



Mystery shopping may be used as the basis for Continuous Improvement Programs and/or staff performance management programs by including them in management performance pay criteria, to generate some friendly competition. Mystery shopping may also be used to measure the market or the competition against your own organization’s performance.

We may measure how well staff respond to complaints and if necessary, advise on ways to make sure that as many dissatisfied customers as possible are turned into loyal lifetime customers.

We offer the following Mystery shopping solutions:

Mystery visits
Mystery shoppers visit your premises and report back on their service experience. We monitor aspects of customer service like staff appearance, behavior, response to specific enquiries or actions, security, premise appearance, stock display and prices. We may also monitor customer service standards as supplied by you, our client.

Mystery Calling
We test your organizations’ telephone response time and etiquette. We can call all the lines in your organization to determine whether telephones are being answered in accordance with corporate standards (, or focus on your Contact Centre?). Calls are recorded and can be provided so that they can be used for feedback and staff coaching purposes.

Video Mystery Shopping
To avoid any debate about what actually happened, we capture the whole shopping experience on high quality video and prepare you a comprehensive report.

Competitive Intelligence: We benchmark your organization against nominated competitors in terms of telephone sales, prices, sales visits, customer facilities and customer service levels etc. Benchmarking may also be done against other businesses outside your industry with a higher performance than yours.

Market Intelligence: If you are concerned about occurrences in the market that are directly or indirectly affecting your industry, we may collect, capture and supply you with all the information that you may need.Compliance programs: We assist you to put in place a process that is designed to:

a. Identify and reduce the risk of breaching the agreements, the Government Acts or basic business/company procedures in your organisation.
b. Remedy any breach or non-conformity that might already have happened.
c. Create a culture of compliance within your organisation, to avoid non-compliance issues that might erupt at a later stage.



Our product offers produce an outright elevation in:

a) Service delivery
b) Higher level of employee (customer?) retention 
c) Ultimate increase in your brand loyalty 
d) Delivers a complete solution that is measurable and clearly demonstrates a rate of return on the investment in our customer’s brand.



Summary Reports
Reports are customized to suit your requirements. Summary reports can range from just the data tables to a full report and analysis with graphs, charts and summary. They will include trend data and a branch comparison table where appropriate as well as recommendations covering the key issues.

Web reporting
A secure website code can be created to give you access to all individual assessments via a table showing which assessments are complete. A secure online data summary can also be made available which enables authorized users to drill down from corporate results to department results to individual assessments, and to select data by wave, time period, and sub-unit group (such as Branch, Region, area, Department, Retail manager or Business unit)



Company Partner
We are a Company Partners of the Market Research Society - UK (MRS). By being a MRS Company Partner, organizations are committing to uphold industry standards and comply with self-regulation.

Member Company

The Mystery Shopping Providers Association – UK (MSPA); MSPA is the largest professional trade association dedicated to improving service quality using anonymous resources. MSPA members require their mystery shoppers to abide by the MSPA code of ethics and we operate within the strict MRS code of practice.



We are associated with Mystery Shoppers ltd in the UK, a company that has an extensive wealth of experience in specialist mystery shopping since 1991. Please visit their website and learn more about them.



Our customers are service providing organisations across the industries. We have in the past two years dealt with a number of organisations, the majority of whom are from the Oil industry, cleaning industry, food industry, hair and beauty, public service, retail and hospitality industry.



Mystery shoppers is currently offering customers better rates through the industry group campaign that we are currently have on offer. The industries on offer this quarter are: The Health Industry, Hardware and building material suppliers, Oil industry, Hotels and Lodges, Cleaning companies, Security companies. Please call our office or email for further clarification.

We have Mystery shoppers who are registered in our database through our website:



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